Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Dell's 37-inch (W3706MC) LCD TV

If you were planning to buy Apple's Cinema Display wait just one moment, for Dell may have something you might want even more. Talk here of the W3706MC or in English, Dell's 37-inch LCD TV. The device is said the deliver high-definition picture quality with bright vivid images and superb contrast.

BIOS Magazine reviewed this TV and gave it a pretty high score, let's find out why. The display can act both as a TV and a regular computer monitor. What makes this one different though is the picture when used with a computer is much more crisp and clean unlike all other computer/TV displays. Another cool feature is the built-in digital tuner from Dell which offers advanced video processing making it into a great TV as well as huge computer screen.

The display can be both mounted on a wall, or it can stand on its stand. Color wise, the screen is a mix of both silver and black giving it that expensive and excusive look that other screens of its type don't have. Without the stand, the display measures 910x554x115mm and weighs approximately 32.5kg.

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