Saturday, April 01, 2006

The mainstream LCD TV segment should remain at 32-inches this year

DisplaySearch estimates that the 40-/42-inch LCD TV segment is growing faster than the 37-inch segment, but the mainstream segment will remain 32-inches this year, according to the research firm.

By the end the first quarter in 2006, the 32-inch LCD TV segment will account for 28% of the overall LCD TV market, while the 40/42-inch segments are expected to grab 8%, up from 3% in 2005, said DisplaySearch. Although the 37-inch segment took 5% of the market last year, the segment will see its market share increase to only 7% by the end of this quarter, the research firm added.

In 2006, 32-inch LCD TV shipments will total 14 million units while 37-inch and 40/42-inch segments will each reach 3 million units, the research firm indicated.

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