Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Sony Launches BRAVIA V-Series LCD TV: Bringing Colour to Life

Unprecedented colour accuracy, wide angle viewing that really works and the power of the BRAVIA ENGINE introducing the BRAVIA V-Series

The new BRAVIA V-Series is a breakthrough in the art of colour reproduction. Exclusive Sony Live Colour Creation technology opens up the spectrum of colours on the screen to breathtaking effect. Significant boosts in the range of red and green in the picture brings what you see closer to the true colours of nature than ever before.

"Reds and greens are the most difficult colours to reproduce on LCD screens - and they are vital," says Andreas Ditter, Director, TV Operations Europe. "The challenge in creating a picture that people instinctively see as realistic is how to reproduce true, lively reds and greens while faithfully reproducing what we call "memory colors," like human skin tones. That's why Live Colour Creation is such an important part of what makes the V-Series special."

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