Tuesday, April 11, 2006

LG unveils new Flatron LCD TV

Aligned with its aims to provide high quality technological solutions for its clients, LG Electronics (LGE) recently unveiled its latest Flatron LCD TV monitor. This development from LGE comes with the state of the art Ratio Enhancing Technology (DFC) which in turn works to ensure the highest quality of images for its users' viewing pleasure.

Further solidifying its status as the leading provider of high quality consumer electronics, and digital technologies in the world, the firm has ensured that its DFC technological development delivers a contrast ratio of 1600 to 1. This feature in turn makes the LGE LCD TV monitor superior to any other LCD monitor available on the world market.

This DFC Technology is only the result of years of extensive research which is evident in a clearer, crispier, and brighter image that is perfect for both multimedia entertainment, and an exhilarating viewing experience.

LGE's DFC technology also activates a unique 'Smart Function'that automatically sets the best contrast ratio for each image in a fraction of a second. This feature is especially effective with dark images, and is available in a range of Flatron LCD TV models: including the LX70, LX52, LX19, LX60, and the LX82.

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